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Dcomms.org - fully decentralized and secure communications

What is Dcomms?

Dcomms.org is a non-profit organization. We develop an open source framework to build decentralized cryptographic communication systems with full privacy. The framework is designed to build various customized messengers and applications; it also includes its own messenger.

Why Dcomms?

How it works

The messenger is based on "Decentralized Routing Protocol". Here is general explanation of the protocol: A more detailed explanation is in technical whitepaper (draft).

Our team

Main developer: Aleshin Sergei Vladimirovich
Developers, analysts, cryptographers, cybersecurity experts:
Yurii Kosolapov
Artem Labynsky
Ilya Vishnitsky
Alexey Ermishkin

Contacts: Aleshin Sergei Vladimirovich | Technical blog | Source code